State and Local Government

A Better System of Service

Let’s face it, state and local government agencies face a stereotype of inefficient and bureaucratic processes that bog down systems. Fight back against this stereotype by working with PrintRX to establish document management plans that take your workflows and transform them into efficient processes.

A Smarter Form

At PrintRX, we’ve worked with organizations who have spent hundreds of dollars pre-printing forms and documents they think they’ll need down the road. These documents are often overestimated in volume, which leads to waste and the chance they will become outdated and need to be reprinted in bulk again! We have a smarter way of doing forms. We can help outfit your office with the right printing tools to print forms quickly and with great clarity on demand. Print only what you need and eliminate waste!

Workflow Management

There are many ways PrintRX can help a business manage their workflows. First, we observe the current setup, then we identify inefficiencies, and finally we make recommendations for improvement. Here’s how we can help:

  • Eliminate useless business technology taking up space in your office
  • Make recommendations for new technology to improve workflow functions
  • Setup software to improve document management and organization
  • Digitize documents to reduce physical clutter in your office and improve access

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Nonprofits and Churches


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