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How Healthy Is Your Printing and Document Infrastructure?

Whether you are a healthcare organization, law firm, school, or business, you know that documents play a critical role in the health of your business processes. Unfortunately, many of the documents, print devices, and business processes they serve go unexamined. Many organizations aren’t even aware of how much time, resources, or money they are losing by continuing to use inefficient or out-of-date technology.

The PrintRX team brings you real expertise, with a team of document management experts. Our process is analytical as we consider the health of your entire workflow. We start by learning about you, identifying weak spots, making suggestions, and then helping you manage all the way through.

A Visit From Your Print DocTOR

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. Similarly, installing new printers or copiers without understanding the documents they produce and how they relate to your business processes can lead to poor results.

The DocTOR (Document Technology Optimization Review) from PrintRX takes a strategic approach to improving your business processes by examining your documents, output devices, and business processes. This proven four-step process can transform your business, creating productivity improvements while uncovering cost savings.

Diagnose: The first step in this process is listening. We talk to you about your goals, needs, and areas you think could be improved. Then we observe some of these processes in action to get a better idea of how everything works in practice.
Prescribe: Next we look for practical ways to improve your business processes. Recommendations could include digitizing documents, consolidating devices, or employing technology to streamline the process. Our team is constantly working to stay up-to-date on the latest business tech products so we can continually help you improve workflows.
Secure: Printers can pose a critical security risk. We check your printer infrastructure for security issues and work to minimize your risk. From the moment they are installed, we think security first. Throughout the lifetime of the machine, we can help you set up security systems that are right for you.
Manage: As your business needs evolve, we manage your documents throughout their entire lifecycle, including printing, scanning, storage, and destruction. This includes true Managed Print Services.

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