Print Cost Recovery

Two Sides of Printing Costs

When it comes to managing printing and associated costs, there are two components to consider. First, you need to think about what you’re printing for your own uses and track those projects to see how much they cost. You can also identify areas to cut and ways to conserve resources. The second component is recovering print costs when projects are done for clients. We have software options that help you manage both sides of this equation.

Recovering Printing Costs

Until you know what your printing is costing you, you won’t know how much potential savings there are to be had. PrintRX can help you assess your current printing setup to evaluate how much money you could be saving. For companies that do a lot of printing for their clients, this bottom line could be substantial and add up quickly over time.

Tracking Made Easy

Thinking about how you would manually track printing for each client considering paper, ink, resources, and time is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Luckily, with our cost recovery software solutions, our clients can easily keep tabs on how much they are printing for who and use that to recover the costs.

The Data to Back You Up

It’s important when considering billing a client to ensure that your numbers are 100 percent accurate. When you rely on our print cost recovery software solutions, you can rest easy knowing that you have the data and resources to share so that the client knows they are being billed fairly.

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