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Often times, the more massive the company you’re working with, the less customer service you get. PrintRX has a robust staff with a lot of expertise, but we maintain the values of a small company and prioritize our customer every step of the way. We’ll come to you for onsite management of your office technology needs and deliver results and a smile!

The More You Know

Our team has a toolkit of data collection devices that allow us to help you closely monitor your printing and your machines. We can capture data that alerts you when supplies are low or when service on a printer is needed. Looking for a repairman for your printer? We do that too. From fixing and troubleshooting to installation and support, we have all of your printing and service management needs covered.

No More Middleman

When you buy a new piece of equipment from your office and you have a few questions, who do you call? If you buy straight from the manufacturer, it’s likely you’re facing wait time on the phone and other difficulties talking to a person. When you work with PrintRX, we act as the middleman for you. Most of the time, our staff will already know the answers to any questions that might pop up, but if we need to take a deeper dive, we will help you find the answers to eliminate those frustrating wait times.

Professional Help, Bargain Price

When you hire full-time staff to manage your office technology, you may be paying someone who doesn’t always have work to do. Instead, considering enlisting PrintRX for your onsite managed services. We are available when you need us, but not draining your resources when you don’t. Also, it’s our job to stay up-to-date with the most current office technology solutions so you can always look to us for expert opinions.

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