Nonprofits and Churches

Solutions for Any Size

At PrintRX, we have experience working with organizations big and small. No matter what size your group is, we can help find solutions that will improve your workflow and increase your organization. We have worked with nonprofits and churches before to help them set up systems that keep them organized so they can better serve the groups they represent.

Everything Accounted For

For nonprofits, an audit can be a big undertaking. There is tons of paperwork and files that need to be provided to prove their nonprofit status. We can help create a workflow and system that makes tasks like these easier. We can work with you to understand what you need and when and customize a workflow solution to your needs.

Reducing Wasted Time and Resources

Nonprofits and churches are both organizations that often are operating with lean budgets. We can help make sure none of your office technology resources are being wasted. We can spot “leaks” in the system and stop them up to make sure you’re not losing anything unnecessarily. Additionally, we have a wide range of office technology solutions that we can use to fit your production needs and budget.

Better Response Means Better Service

We work with our partners to make systems that are easy to navigate and understand. This helps them respond to their members or constituents with ease. Faster and clearer communication means better service for all. We want your nonprofit to be ready to keep making the world a better place!

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