Multifunction Copiers

More Power in One Place

Efficiency is a major priority for PrintRX. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve workflows and help people work smarter. One major tool that is helpful in this effort is the multifunction copier. Complete with a huge array of helpful capabilities, these machines do the work of ten machines of the past.

A Little Bit of Everything

What exactly can you do with a multifunction copier? When it comes to office tasks, it may be a shorter list to ask what you can’t do with one! These copiers are great for:

  • Printing quickly and in amazing colors or sharp black and white
  • Copying accurately and clearly
  • Scanning to integrate documents to your online system
  • Faxing to communicate with partners wide and far
  • Emailing documents directly from the machine for efficiency
  • And more!

Easy to Use for Everyone

One of the things that makes multifunction copiers so amazing is that they can easily be integrated into any office place. With vibrant digital displays, touch screens and intuitive instructions, people are able to begin using the variety of functions right away.

Goodbye Assembly Line

Some multifunction machines come with folding and stapling abilities as well. This means the days are gone of printing out a stack of each page and assembling reports one page at a time. No more separating out stacks to staple or folding brochures yourself. Let the precision of a multifunction copier take over from here.

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