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Interactive Whiteboard Displays

Connect and Collaborate

From classrooms to conference rooms, interactive whiteboard displays are the latest way to connect and collaborate from across the building or across the world.

In an increasingly digital landscape where professionals in every industry are required to communicate with remote workforces and service providers, interactive whiteboard displays offer the opportunity for increased communication and real-time collaboration. Being able to work with and even to see associates in other parts of the world improves the health of nation-wide and global organizations.

Audience Participation

With an interactive whiteboard display, you can simultaneously present to a large audience right in front of you and remote participants who are tuning in from their own computers, wherever they may be in the world. These interactive displays allow those participants, near and far, to join in with their devices and make real-time changes, ask questions, and perform activities and exercises. It’s never been easier to go from lecturing to hands-on learning for in-person and remote trainings and presentations.

Features and Benefits of Interactive Whiteboard Displays

Interactive whiteboard display come in a variety of display sizes and resolutions, and they function smoothly whether you’re a Mac or a PC. Discover a few of the stand-out benefits of interactive displays:

  • Workshop your ideas with others
  • Make edits and notations with ease
  • Save information directly to your network or a USB drive
  • Get real-time remote connections to PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones
  • Control access with password protection and auto-erase

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