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No matter what industry you’re in, PrintRX has the expertise and knowledge to increase your productivity, organization, and security. We have the tools, software, and management tools to set you up for maximum efficiency.

PrintRX can help your business succeed in:


When timeliness and security are top priority, PrintRX is just what the doctor ordered. We can help you set up a system that saves you money, time, and protects the security of your patients. Learn more about healthcare offerings


For law offices, it’s vital to be able to access documents from anywhere and to be certain that your print jobs will be accurate and quick. Our services can set your office up with a system custom-made for legal office needs. Learn more about our law office offerings


Student privacy is taken incredibly seriously by educational institutions, often for legal reasons. Are your systems up-to-snuff? We can ensure that your students information is accessible to those who need it and protected against those who don’t. Learn more about our educational institution offerings


PrintRX is a business that proudly supports our military. Part of that means providing the best services possible no matter where they’re needed. Learn more about military services

State and Local Government

It’s important for our government to be able to communicate and organize as effectively as possible so they can provide the best service to their constituents. We can help establish a system focused on smart communications. Learn more about our state and local government offerings

Nonprofits and Churches

No matter what size of organization, our products and services are scalable to any needs. We can help large corporations down to tiny nonprofits get their documents in order. Learn more about our nonprofit and church offerings


Travel is a big component of the Texas economy, and PrintRX is ready to serve any hospitality service looking for increased efficiency in their document management and workflow. Learn more about our hospitality offerings

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