Optimized Workflow for Optimum Productivity

When your internal structures are up and running at efficient levels, you’ll be able to provide better service all around! There are many areas in the hospitality industry that we can work with to improve service with better workflows.

Restaurants and Bars

From documents you need for your staff like hiring paperwork and timesheets, to documents you need for your customers like menus and signage, PrintRX can help! Internally, we can make sure your establishment has everything it needs to keep your employee paperwork squared away. And when it comes to printing, we have a wide variety of tools you can invest in to save money and print your own beautiful products like menus and posters from your office!

Hotels and Conference Rooms

Reservations, posters, signs, maps, and more; our team can set you up with the hardware you need to print beautiful projects on-site. We can also work with you to set you up with the right software to keep your systems in order for your employees and guests.

Travel Agencies and Tourism

The logistics of travel can be stressful for your customers. Make it easy on them by showing them you have everything in order on your end. We can help you create an internal workflow best suited to keeping your client’s data straight and organized so you can best serve them.

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State and Local Government

Nonprofits and Churches

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