Teaching the Teachers

The idea of creating a new organization system for your documents and business technology can be intimidating. Change is difficult for any group! But with the experts at PrintRX, our team can establish the best personalized system for your educational center and then help your team understand the best ways to use it. We’ll be here every step of the way to make sure the system is working for you in the ways you need it to!

Save Space and Time

Having new students every year means having new files every year. Schools keep track of an impressive amount of data about their students. Bulky filing cabinets fill administrators offices stuffed to the gills with necessary paperwork.

PrintRX can help schools downsize their paperwork problem. With scanning and cloud services, we can take bulky, massive filing systems and turn them into a digital workspace that is flexible, easy to use, and takes up a fraction of the space! Our systems can also help you protect records with secure systems.

Find the Inefficiencies

PrintRX is staffed with experts in business technology workflow solutions. This means we can look at the printers, scanners, and other office hardware and observe your workflow to identify areas that need improvement. We can suggest hardware, software, and new technology to reduce your excess equipment and paperwork and create a clean and organized system.

Easy Communication

Sending records has never been easier. Not only is it easy to find the right document with our systems, but you can also share them with the right people at varying levels of access. Share to view, share to edit, and revoke sharing at any time.

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