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Who is PrintRX?

PrintRX is a business technology company from San Antonio, Texas. We specialize in finding innovative solutions to what ails your company’s workflow. With smart, experienced staff, we use our expertise to diagnose problems and get your systems running more effectively and efficiently for a healthier company.

PrintRX Process

Is your company’s workflow sick? If so, it’s time for a visit from the DocTOR (Document Technology Optimization Review) from PrintRX. We take a strategic approach to improving your business processes by examining your documents, output devices, and business processes. Learn more about the PrintRX Process

Our Story

After years of operating as a company focusing on copiers, we have evolved to a more comprehensive and innovative office technology company. While we retain the small company values and commitment to our customers, we are striking out on a new mission of providing all the answers to our client’s office technology needs. Check out our story

Technology Partners

When the best business technology experts partner with tech industry whizzes and award-winning manufacturers, the combination is impressive. We work with powerful partners so we can provide our clients with the variety they need to create plans customized to them. Learn more about our technology partners

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Could you use a visit from the Print DocTOR (Document Technology Optimization Review)? Contact PrintRX today to increase productivity, uncover cost savings and transform your business. Contact PrintRX