4 Solutions Managed Print Companies Use to Lower Costs

Managed Print is well established as a means for reducing print spends by as much as 30%, but do you know how MPS companies bring about these cost reductions? Managed print companies work closely with your businesses to come up with solutions to improve the way your print infrastructure operates and how much you ultimately pay for document output and the associated costs.

Here’s a look at four ways Managed Print Services offerings work together to lower your expenses.

Printer Monitoring

Without data to interpret how your devices are used, there’s no baseline to begin reining in costs. Data collection software monitors your equipment, establishing metrics like who is using your printers and how. By using this data, managed print providers ensure that each device is placed and used for maximum ROI.

Auto-Supply Replenishment

Supply replenishment is often an under-the-radar expense as employees deploy whatever means are the most convenient when toner supplies run low. By leaving supply management to your Managed Print Services company, you’ll spend less time and money and still have the right supplies on hand when you need them.

Rules-Based Printing

Your employees are probably unaware of their monthly print volumes, but a rules-based printing solution can provide needed insight. Establishing restrictions on who can print what and when can put a check on nonessential printing while bringing down costs. Moreover, secure printing solutions keep information from being misdirected or released to print trays prematurely.

Helpdesk and On-Site Support

How much time do your IT specialists or other personnel spend answering print-related questions and troubleshooting equipment? Managed Print helps companies use employee time more wisely by taking on helpdesk responsibilities, routine maintenance, and printer-related on-site support.

Your company is better off without the open-ended expense of an unmanaged print environment. Contact PrintRX to find out about the benefits of Managed Print Services today!


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