Why Your Business Needs An In-house Multifunction Copier

Waiting around for something as simple as printing can really hurt your business. Whether it be the line of employees awaiting their turn at the out-of-date office printer or the time spent at a local shipping store to use their printing service, wasted time can hurt your employees’ productivity. Buying or leasing a multifunction copier could rescue you from lost time and keep your employees focused on tasks at work.

Printing Speeds Matter

When you’re only printing a few sheets of paper, copier speeds don’t matter too much. If you have a team of employees that rely on a copier every day or have large print jobs, however, the prints per minute start to matter on a device.

Many circumstances can lead to last minute, bulk printing where an in-house copier saves a company time and stress. If the number of needed packets was miscalculated, one could easily print last minute pages. The same situation could occur with handouts or brochures. Buying or leasing a copier will save your business stress from those situations.

Network Printing

Once upon a time, a physical connection to an office network or to the printer itself was necessary to print documents in the office. Nowadays, multifunction devices can be connected to wirelessly by laptops, computers, and mobile devices. This gives employees quick access to print from whatever device they work from.

The Professional Touch

If your business relies on an outdated device to handle marketing materials, your business could be hurting from the poor quality of prints. Modern copiers are designed to print high-quality documents, pictures, and forms, which will increase your business’ image to customers. Copiers are often equipped with features like automatic stapling, hole-punching, and even folding. These features, combined with the quality prints from these devices are invaluable for marketing your business well.

To learn more about purchasing or leasing a copier and what it could do for your business, contact PrintRX today!


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