Optimizing Your Company’s Document Output

Your office’s document output can be a difficult thing to track and optimize on your own. Many business owners have the sense that money is wasted due to excessive printing, ineffective ordering of supplies, outdated equipment that often requires repair and other common issues that plague offices of any size. The problem is turning this feeling into real data and using that data to create a plan for better management of your company’s document output. This is where a managed print service provider can begin to help you. These experts can help assess your daily use, analyze your spending on printer related expenses and update your equipment to optimize how your documents are handled.

Why Consider Managed Print Services?

If you’re looking to optimize the daily processes in your office for maximum efficiency and profitability, evaluating the need for managed print services is a great place to start. Regardless of your industry, chances are your business needs to print all manner of documents, sales materials, signs and more. With multiple employees printing documents all day long, this expense can add up over the course of a month. A managed print contract takes much of the cost and headache out of managing printing on your own, and gives you the benefit of expert advice and help to make sure you can meet your printing needs without overspending. For business owners, in house IT professionals and office managers, this eliminates a source of significant stress and allows each person to focus on the core responsibilities of their role instead of pitching in to help with printing issues.

Reducing the costs of printing in-house can save your organization in many ways beyond cutting down on how much paper and toner you buy. Excessive printing isn’t just wasteful and costly. It can increase the risk of a security breach and lead to sensitive information being exposed to unapproved people. With managed print solutions, you can analyze the amount of printing your employees are doing to see if it is excessive and find actionable ways to bring this under control. Reduced printing is money in your pocket, and it also helps your office move towards being a more secure place for client information.

What Do Managed Print Services Mean For Your Organization?

With a managed print contract in place, the way your business operates daily can change for the better, and you can trim waste from your processes. Your printing partner will identify the right equipment to meet your business needs, which may include a printer, scanner, copier, fax machine, or a hybrid machine that combines all of these functions. They will also help determine how many supplies you need on hand to keep the office stocked at all times, without having excess items that take up storage space in the office. Any problems that occur with the equipment, routine maintenance or repairs are handled by your partner, so you don’t have to worry about calling a repair person and paying an extravagant bill.

Each company’s managed print services agreement can be different, as it is tailored to their individual needs. There can be many advantages for offices of any size who choose to begin using managed print services, including:

  • Helps you optimize your document output by offering you a detailed analysis of how much printing is currently taking place and the best ways to reduce unnecessary printing
  • Better control over the expenses associated with printing, such as toner, paper, printer repairs and ink, not to mention storage of these items
  • Frees up time for you and employees to work on more important tasks instead of ordering print supplies and finding places to store them
  • Allows you to get rid of your outdated in house printer and begin using newer equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying it outright
  • Gives you access to expert help with network or printer issues that arise in the office instead of trying to troubleshoot them yourself

If you’re interested in finding out how setting up managed print services can benefit your business, contact PrintRX today. Our team can help you assess your need for print solutions and recommend the right level of managed services for your office.


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