Accounting Workflows Made Simple

CPA’s are finding it to be more and more true that their field is being transformed dramatically by technology. A couple of decades ago, accounting firms were largely paper-based and dealt with organization issues when it came to floating documents and mass amounts of file cabinets. Now, just as other businesses are discovering, accounting firms need to adapt and be agile in this technologically advanced competitive space. In a society of instant gratification provided by technology and apps, CPA’s can’t afford to not to keep up and fail to make their clients experience easier.

Now, we’re not saying CPA’s are moving away from print, but rather should be seeking out the best options for them to maximize efficiency, and save money and space. The first part of this equation is the addition of a quality multifunction printer.

Maximize Efficiency in Your Accounting Office with a Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers offer excellent benefits and many helpful capabilities. They are modern workhorses in the office, doing the work of nearly ten copier machines of the past with greater capabilities. They’ve got a little bit of everything that you’ve always appreciated in various office equipment, such as:

  • Printing quickly and in amazing colors or sharp black and white
  • Copying accurately and clearly
  • Scanning to integrate documents to your online system
  • Faxing to communicate with partners wide and far
  • Emailing documents directly from the machine for efficiency
  • And more!

They can easily be integrated into any office space and have intuitive user interfaces perfect for employees from every generation in your accounting firm.

Too often, CPA’s do not consider their office equipment as a factor in compliance and security. With modern multifunction printers, they are so advanced that you have the option of adding them to your network and ensuring that they are just as protected as the rest of your office equipment. And with pull printing, you have the capability to ensure that no documents are ever sitting on the printer, potentially revealing confidential information. Each employee can log in and request that their documents are released once they are physically at the printer.

Managed Print Services Predicts Your Needs So You Don’t Have To

When selecting a multifunction printer, you’ll want to ensure you understand the printing needs of your firm. You’ll want to ask yourself:

  • What is the volume of documents we need to be printed in any given month?
  • How often will we need supplies delivered to ensure we don’t run out at an inconvenient time?
  • Do we need multiple multifunction printers in our offices or can we reach maximum efficiency with just one?

What many businesses are starting to realize is that they don’t have to have an employee anticipate these needs. With Managed Print, your business begins with an initial print assessment conducted by PrintRX to determine your needs, and then we identify workflows to provide you with optimal value, security, mobility, and communication.

You’ll be able to:

  • Print from anywhere, therefore increasing your access to information and making it easier to serve your clients
  • Know who is printing from your devices and when
  • Communicate who needs which documents and how they get them
  • Have real control of your office printing
  • Minimize excess and eliminate overspending on supplies and equipment

Position Yourself as a Leader in Your Industry

There are few things more impressive than a firm that is technologically advanced, has security at the forefront of their minds, and can provide a seamless process for their clients. If you want to get ahead in this competitive space, you can’t continue to do the same things and rely on the same technology that you always have. You must adapt and seek out options that make the most sense for your business and provide your clientele with the best experience they can possibly have. This ensures that trust is built and that your clientele keeps coming back and choosing to do business with you because they know what to expect and trust that you’ve got their backs.

Are you ready to take your accounting firm to the next level? Get in touch with us and we’ll find the right solutions for you that will favorably position you in this competitive space.


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