Printer Options for SMBs

Getting your small or medium business (SMB) running means implementing the most efficient, cost effective processes for your size. This can be a bit overwhelming at first – what do you need, and what should you wait on? – but that’s why finding a professional vendor partner is a good step to help with research and understanding.

Let’s start here – dig into the possibilities, features, and platforms for success, and then bring your questions to the pros at PrintRx.

Research Possibilities for Print

Learn about how often employees print, what type of projects, they print, and what their main print needs are (color? production printing? wide format?). With those answers, you can look into types of printers.

The best printers for SMBs are usually multifunction printers. This cost saving answer provides the solution of print, with all other main operations integrated. You won’t need to invest in separate printer, copier, scanner, and more. You’ll have everything you need in one place for all employees.

Print Features for SMBs

Print features that are necessary for SMBs include printing on various materials, and using multiple functions. Here are the top-rated functions of printers that SMBs need:

  • High volume
  • Thick cardstock or other materials
  • Envelopes and labels
  • Banners
  • B&w and color printing
  • Security options
  • Two-sided printing
  • Shortcuts for most used features

Start Here

Small and medium businesses face unique challenges and growth opportunities. You’ll want to partner with a print vendor who can assist with research and support. Contact Print Rx to get started.


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