Start Saving with Enterprise Content Management

Do you know how much your organization spends to manage paper? If you’re like most companies, the cost is a lot higher than anyone realizes.

The High Cost of Paper

Here’s a look at some recently reported paper consumption and management statistics.

  • 10,000! That’s a big number, but it looks even larger when you realize that it represents the sheets of paper used by the average office worker in a year.
  • $80 per employee: You probably didn’t know you route an average of $80 a year for two cases of copy paper for each employee in your organization.
  • $6 per employee: Another $6 for every dollar of your revenues may be going toward paper handling.
  • $480 per employee: We hate to break the news, but for each of your employees, you’re probably funneling nearly $500 to use and manage paper.
  • There’s more: You expected more, so here goes. The average business dedicates 50% or more of their office space to document storage at a cost of $1,235 for the space required for a standard office filing cabinet.
  • Even more: There’s even more bad news—50% of your stored documents are duplicates, and you’ll never need access to 80% of them anyway.

There’s a Less Expensive Solution

Fortunately for the survival of your business, there’s a less expensive way to manage information. Enterprise content management is a digital alternative to paper-based document storage and management solutions. Instead of carrying the high cost of managing hard copy documents, enterprise content management allows you to capture, extract, and index your documents in a way that makes them easy to access.

Streamline your processes. Save money. Save time. That’s a better way forward for any organization.

Are you ready to learn how enterprise content management can bring new savings and improved productivity to your company? Contact us at PrintRX today!


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