Does Your Business Need a Managed Print Assessment?

Managed print services are becoming a popular choice for organizations looking to lower their costs. If you’ve never considered the service as an option for your company, here are three signs you may want to schedule a managed print assessment sooner rather than later.

  1. You don’t know who’s printing what, or where they’re printing it. Lack of visibility into printing behavior is a common problem, and it’s often the top reason why business printing costs are so high. Managed print puts restraints on wasteful printing using a variety of accountability solutions. You’ll have the tools to track printing down to each department, device, and individual user in your organization. Tracking is just the beginning, however, as managed print professionals offer solutions that make it easy for employees to curb unnecessary and wasteful printing choices.
  2. You have equipment from a variety of manufacturers. Managing a print infrastructure is difficult enough, but when your printing systems are all over the map, there are even more headaches. Managed print companies can take over the day-to-day management of your fleet, untangling messy workflows, updating software and drivers, providing proactive maintenance, and offering helpdesk support when employees aren’t sure how to proceed.
  3. Individual departments can order supplies or add new equipment. Part of the reason why it’s so difficult for companies to track print spending is because no one person or department administrates the process. Ad hoc equipment purchasing and under-the-radar supply spending mean there’s no visibility into the print environment and no accountability for what each department consumes. Managed print companies can provide hands-on management of supply channels and equipment acquisition, keeping everything within your predetermined budget.

Managed print savings are straight ahead! Contact us at PrintRX for a visit from the DocTOR (Document Technology Optimization Review) today!


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