What to Look for in an Enterprise Content Management Solution

No matter your industry, your organization doesn’t operate as an island, and today’s digital economic transformation increasingly brings the world right to your company doorstep. Your connections with clients, business partners, service providers, and suppliers depend upon your ability to communicate information to them as efficiently and accurately as possible. Your enterprise content management solutions should provide streamlined connections to your business information, making it easier to capture, store, manage, share, and collaborate on your stored data.

Here’s what to look for in an enterprise content management solution to bring about significant improvements and new opportunities for your organization.

  • Capture — The right enterprise content management software can capture and standardize data, embedding captured documents directly to your business processes.
  • Store — Cloud storage repositories provide anytime/anywhere access to your content, with continuous updates that eliminate the risk of making critical decisions or changes based on outdated information.
  • Manage — User-friendly enterprise content management software features simple interfaces that knowledge workers can implement without IT intervention. Smart tools and no IT hurdles to cross helps companies achieve buy-in by mobile and home office workers alike.
  • Collaborate — Integrated tools streamline collaboration among key team members.
  • Govern — Automatic processes that classify and regulate content reduce the possibility of compliance violations due to user error.
  • Automate — Process automation is the solution to seamless workflows. Enterprise content management software helps organizations improve everyday processes by eliminating bottlenecks, removing the need for manual intervention, and alerting departments when an action item comes into play.

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