Lower Your Costs with Managed Document Services

While growing your business is one way to increase revenues, lowering your operational costs won’t hurt, either. If working to achieve higher productivity from your staff and reducing waste is on your A-list for lowering costs, there’s a solution for that.

The Managed Services Solution

The documents that drive your business can also drive up your costs, depending upon how you manage them. In many companies, no one minds the document printing process at all, resulting in lowered productivity, organization-wide inefficiencies, and hidden costs. Managed document solutions like Managed Print Services can help your organization address these and other ongoing issues.

Here’s how MPS providers use their proven methods to take control of your document-driven processes.

  1. User-focused solutions — Productivity and your print environment go hand-in-hand. Managed document services experts analyze your print-centric workflows, creating new productivity paths where bottlenecks previously existed. They’ll help your team leverage the power of multifunction copiers to bypass paper and connect digitally to document management software, individuals, and established workflows.
  2. Print tracking and monitoring — Unregulated print environments are bloated by waste. Issues like unnecessary color printing, personal usage, and nonessential printing of emails or web pages can drive up costs fast. Managed document services help establish printing rules and keep tabs on individual and departmental print volumes, putting checks on wasteful printing choices.
  3. Robust security solutions — You didn’t start your company so you could lose everything in a security misstep. Managed document services companies work to plug holes in print infrastructures, using solutions like user authentications, data encryption, and pull printing to mitigate your risks.

Is your company part of a managed document services partnership? The benefits begin with savings as high as 30%! For an in-depth look at your print environment, contact us at PrintRX for a Print DocTOR Review today!


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