Are You Wasting Time and Money with Paper-Based Solutions?

Is your company’s dependence on paper keeping you from growing? It’s a possibility you should look into; paper-based processes are productivity’s worst enemy, pulling staff away from critical tasks and ransacking your budget. Enterprise content management is a proven way to recoup your lost time, bringing in new efficiencies that can save you money in every area.

Take a look at the many ways enterprise content management users stand to benefit.

Say goodbye to paper.

We’d be overstating the case if we said you could completely eliminate paper, but with so many digital alternatives, there’s no longer a need to depend on it for all of your business processes.

  • Storage — Paper documents demand their share of storage space, and eventually they start crowding out the people who created them. Enterprise content management takes virtually no storage space, which means your organization can recover the rooms and money you’ve been dedicating to filing cabinets, binders, shelving systems, and off-site document storage repositories.
  • Supplies — U.S. knowledge workers print an average of 10,000 documents each year, nearly half of which are tossed away by the end of the day. The toner and equipment used to crank out so many documents each day add to the cost of paper-based systems. Enterprise content management is a paperless solution, and using it means your organization can eliminate most of the associated costs.
  • Time — Every moment an employee spends searching for a paper file is time and money lost that could be used for growing your company. Enterprise content management makes captured and digitized files readily available, no matter when or where you need to use them.

Are you ready to stop wasting time and money on outdated paper processes? Contact us at PrintRX for an Enterprise Content Management prescription today!


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