Finding the Right Printers for Your Small Business

Your SMB may not need a fleet of twenty printers, but that doesn’t mean the one or two you do need aren’t important. When recommending printers for SMBs, Managed Print providers take into account your organization’s unique printing requirements.

Getting It Right the First Time

One mistake SMBs making when selecting their printers is to assume their small workgroup won’t need professional-grade equipment. Most of the time, however, consumer-grade devices purchased from retail office supply chain stores deliver a high cost-per-page and frustrating maintenance issues, making them more expensive to own than professional equipment.

Here are a few practical tips for SMBs who want to get the most from their printers.

  1. Consider TCO along with initial cost. Low-end printers and copiers appear to be good options for small businesses, but their cost to operate can make them too expensive to continue use for very long. A higher-end laser printer will produce more pages per toner cartridge and at a much lower overall price than a desktop inkjet printer. Your equipment provider can recommend the best type of printer for your speed and volume requirements.
  2. Use default settings to reduce waste. Unnecessary printing and indiscriminate use of color can drive up costs in a hurry. Many of the latest printers include default settings that limit color printing, use toner-saving draft modes for everyday printing, and automatically print on both sides of the paper. Your Managed Print Services provider can also help you set up print tracking to hold employees accountable for their printing decisions.
  3. Factor in professional support. SMBs who choose their printers from a professional equipment and services provider are also gaining access to professional support. That’s a valuable commodity when running your business is your top priority.

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