3 Managed Document Services Benefits for Your Small Business

If your SMB is bogged down by inefficiencies, you have several options for addressing the problem. You could add more staff or ask employees to work overtime, but the additional cost will only add to your problems.

Here’s how partnering with a managed document services provider can help your company tackle inefficiencies and cost overruns with one comprehensive solution.

  1. Eliminate manual document processing —If you’re manually processing most of the paper that flows through your office, you’re stuck with inefficiencies. With a document management system, employees handle incoming paper documents once during the scanning process. After that, the digitized document is a part of your workflows. The document management system triggers the next step, completing the process until it’s finalized. As a time-saver for SMBs, managed document services are second-to-none.
  2. Improve the way you store and locate documents —Process inefficiencies are often the direct result of paper-based filing systems or complex desktop filing systems. Employees can spend hours searching for just one document, and there’s no way to tell if the file is in use somewhere else. Managed document services give SMBs a no-fail method for locating digitized files. Similar to an online search process, employees use keyword searches to track down files in just seconds. The benefits are obvious—less time wasted searching for information, lower document storage costs, and no more disastrous lost-file scenarios.
  3. Remote access to your documents —The next decade may weed out businesses that haven’t adopted mobile business processes. Your up-and-coming workforce expects the flexibility of working anytime and from any location, and your customers know they benefit as well. Managed document services give your team access to critical information whenever they need it.

Small business leaders recognize the role digital processes play in their success. Contact us at PrintRX to learn more about our Managed Document Services today!


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