5 Reasons for Managed Document Services

Even with the goal of the paperless office, document production has increased. While many documents are never actually printed, managing those documents is critical to the success of any business. You might have considered document management software to help you manage those documents but maybe have considered managing yet another piece of software as a challenge you aren’t willing to take on.

Managed document services can provide you the best of two worlds: customized solutions tailored to your document and print management needs and allowing the professionals to manage the software for you. Consider these five reasons for managed document services:

Employee Productivity

Having your documents in an easy to access location whether your employees are remote or onsite is a pretty clear advantage to document management software. But, there are new challenges that introducing new software to your network can bring. Many SMBs don’t have the capacity to bring on new technical requirements. Managed document services allow you to increase your employee productivity with document management tactics but allows it to be managed by a team of professionals that are trained and qualified to manage. In this way, you can gain the benefits of document management without the challenges inherent with new software.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Some of the best advantages of a solid document management system are the benefits outside of that software completely. Managed document services can allow you benefits in other areas of your business. Consider these options for creating a sustainable and eco-friendly environment in your office.

  • You’ll ultimately print less because of the availability of those documents online.
  • Integrated with print management services, you’ll be able to use more eco-friendly print devices.
  • Setting organization-wide policies on printing can also help you reduce printing. You can minimize print volumes, document types, or even controlling color vs. black & white printing.

Cost Transparency

In light of the last bullet point above, a great managed document services approach can allow you the ability to have full transparency in costs. When you can set policies in place that control print volumes by user or department or can control when color is allowed or not allowed, you’ll be able to control costs in a way that is meaningful to your organization. Moreover, you’ll have some visibility into the life of each device so you can make appropriate decisions on when it’s the right time to replace devices, so there are no surprise expenses.

Remote Visibility and Monitoring

With managed document services from PrintRx, we can monitor your print environment remotely. Here are some of the top benefits your organization can realize with remote monitoring:

  • Automatic supply ordering for just-in-time supply delivery.
  • Automatic support calls to minimize downtime. In fact, you might see a technician before you even know there is a problem.
  • Monitoring print volumes that allow for proactive, preventative maintenance.

Enhance Document Security

It should be easy to understand that when documents are stored in a document management system that security would be an important feature. With electronic document management, you can control the access to those document based on user permission levels. However, what about when it’s time to print those documents? With adequately equipped systems, you can print to secure locations on the device then release to paper when you are standing there. This allows for the prevention of someone grabbing your important document and seeing something they shouldn’t see.

Bottom Line

There are many reasons a managed document services approach could make sense for you. Considering all the phases of a document’s life from creation to storage to printing to destruction, a comprehensive solution could be right for your company. Of course, you might only need a small piece of that solution as well. Let us help you navigate the process and get a solution that is right for you. Contact us today!


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