5 Benefits Business Love About Enterprise Content Management

Business use of cloud-based enterprise content management is on the rise and even those who haven’t adopted the solution plan to do so soon. Business leaders on the look-out for new ways to reduce operating costs and improve document security are swapping out on-site solutions for cloud-hosted enterprise content management. Here are a few of the benefits they’ve discovered.

  1. Lower costs. Maintaining and expanding hardware is the responsibility of the enterprise content management provider. With information stored on the provider’s server, businesses can redirect operating capital toward product development and expansion.
  2. Information security. The best ECM services provide multiple security solutions to keep data safe. When your provider has access to industry-leading solutions, engineers and technicians with the latest training, and multi-layer security solutions, your company is on the receiving end of those benefits.
  3. Data back-up and recovery. There’s no question that today’s businesses face more security threats than ever before. Cloud-based enterprise content management provides automatic data backups, eliminating uncertainty and providing a way forward if a natural disaster or other threat impacts data stored on local systems.
  4. Ease of use. Enterprise content management providers understand that your employees have a lot on their plates. That’s why they’ve developed user-friendly solutions for sending data to your document management system. Users scan documents using your company’s multifunction copier or scanner. ECM software and OCR technology capture the information, transform it into digital formats, extract metadata, and routes everything to the appropriate location or process.
  5. Compliance. Enterprise content management provides the latest processes to help businesses adhere to industry compliance standards.

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