4 Ways SMBs Get More Value From Their Printers

Is your print environment punching holes in your budget? Here’s how the experts manage printers for SMBs.

Printer management.

When purchasing or leasing new printers for SMBs, businesses may not factor in all costs and administrative time involved. Ordering supplies, scheduling preventative maintenance, updating print drivers and software, and arranging for repairs all require time and money.

Do this instead:
Instead of allowing printer management to default to the most convenient employee at the moment, managed print providers can provide these and other critical services.

Inconvenient locations.

Printers for SMBs are often inconveniently located, with no strategic planning for the processes and employees requiring their use. In an unmanaged printer fleet, bottlenecks and wasted time have a direct effect on productivity.

Do this instead:
Managed print experts evaluate your workflows, relocating, eliminating, and adding devices to improve productivity and automate core business processes.

Uncollected documents.

Security must be paramount when selecting the right printers for SMBs. Equipment that lacks robust security features can put small businesses at risk of a catastrophic security breach or compliance violation.

Do this instead:
Managed print providers can select printers for SMBs that include the best print security solutions offered by the industry. Data encryption, hard drive overwrite, password protection, and pull printing solutions work together to keep printers, documents, and networks safe.

Wasteful printing.

Not every employee understands the impact of unnecessary printing; the average knowledge worker still prints over 10,000 pages per year. Even more astonishing, nearly 40% of those prints and copies are discarded by the end of the day.

Do this instead:
Managed print services professionals can steer SMBs toward printers that address the issue of wasteful printing. Default settings to limit paper and toner usage, restrict color printing and help employees understand the difference between essential and non-essential printing are a core component of managed print offerings.

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