Plan for Success with Managed Document Services

Managed document services are among the leading technologies that today’s organizations rely on for their business processes. Managed document services provide solutions and benefits for the entire document lifecycle. Here’s how.


The storage solutions of the past ranged from paper-based systems to PC desktop folder organizers. Inefficient and expensive, neither system provided a fool-proof method for storing documents, and employees spent a considerable amount of their time searching for information.

Managed document services rely on tags and metadata to classify, store, and identify files. When employees require access to a document, they conduct a keyword search. With documents available in just a few seconds, knowledge workers can use their time more productively.

Managed document services also eliminate many of the costs incurred when businesses rely on paper-based processes. With reduced costs for printing and storage, companies can redirect capital to value-added projects. With a centralized multifunction copier, employees can scan and route information directly into the system.


In just a few years, remote workers are expected to comprise the majority of the workforce. If your company doesn’t have a mobile workforce yet, that’s likely to change sometime soon. Managed document services give these mobile employees access to business documents and processes wherever they happen to be working. With a secure internet connection, mobile employees can be as productive as they are in the home office.


Electronic document management provides companies with multilayer security solutions—a critical requirement for today’s businesses. Solutions that require users to authenticate before gaining access to your documents are the best way to keep unauthorized persons away from your confidential information. Backup and recovery solutions ensure that your files will be there, even if a disaster impacts your company’s physical location.

Managed document services is a must-have tool for success going forward. To learn more, contact PrintRX today!


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