Choosing an Enterprise Content Management Solution

To survive in today’s digital business environment, companies need a secure solution for sharing information internally and collaborating with business partners. Enterprise Content Management, or Document Management, is a strategy that allows users to capture, manage, and share information in digital formats.

Choosing Your Solution

Your employees need access to your content, and for many companies, access takes place outside of the office as often as inside. Work-from-home or traveling staff members want a user-friendly format with real-time availability to content appropriate to the project at hand.

Here’s what to look for when adopting an Enterprise Content Management solution.

  1. A single repository — The downside of traditional document storage systems, both digital and paper-based, was trying to guess the location of stored documents. Enterprise Content Management brings your collective knowledge together in a single document repository.
  2. Efficient capture solutions —Your document management system should integrate seamlessly with your multifunction copier and scanner, communicating with the software to capture information accurately and without IT intervention.
  3. Streamlined access —Retrieving documents should be a simple process involving keyword searches. Documents should be readily accessible to all authorized parties, including internal employees, business partners, and auditors.
  4. Simplified sharing —How do you move documents across your organization? Your Enterprise Content Management system should include a robust solution for sharing information. If this crucial component is inefficient or time-consuming, employees will share via email and route documents to your document management system after they’ve completed the associated tasks.
  5. Effective collaboration —One of the core benefits of an Enterprise Content Management system is collaboration. Look for a solution that allows users real-time access to documents, with editing tools and version controls that keep content up-to-date while preserving the earliest versions.

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