Automate Meter Reads Through Managed Print Services

Are you still manually gathering data from meter reads across your printer fleet? Sending employees to perform this task isn’t the best use of their workday. Is there a better way?

Automatic Meter Reads

Automatic electronic solutions are a much more accurate and efficient method for conducting device meter reads. The process isn’t complicated, and your managed print services provider can help you get started. Here are the key advantages.

  • Improved workplace productivity —Any repetitive process that can be automated is a productivity benefit for your company. Give your team time to focus on core tasks instead of diverting their time to conduct meter reads.
  • More accurate statistics —Most business leaders don’t have accurate document output statistics. Automatic meter reads through a managed print strategy lets you know precisely how document printing impacts your bottom line.
  • Streamlined billing —Automated meter reads means more accurate billing and a streamlined approach that won’t take up administrative time.

More Benefits from Managed Print

Eliminating the hassle of conducting manual meter reads is just one of the benefits of a managed print engagement. Managed print providers make it their priority to help you achieve maximum benefit from their services. Here’s how you’ll benefit from their expertise.

Lower costs

The typical organization diverts as much as 3% to 5% or more of annual revenues to document printing costs. Managed print services eliminate wasteful printing habits, reduce cost overages, and improve print-related processes to reduce print spends by 30% or more.

An improved return on investment

Your printing systems are an investment in your company, and they’re worth protecting. Managed print services experts have the industry certifications and training to keep your printers and copiers operating according to their original specifications.

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