Leasing Printers for SMBs Has Never Been Easier

Small-to-medium businesses must prioritize efficiency while keeping budgets under control. One of the ways SMBs can maximize productivity and keep costs down is through leasing their printers. If you’re in charge of searching for the best printers for SMBs, here are a few tips for finding the right devices for the job at hand.

Laser Printers

If you’ve been using desktop consumer-grade inkjet printers for your business, you’re paying too much per page. Compact network printers are just the right size for SMBs, and they’re packed with features designed for maximum efficiency.

  • Color touchscreen display panels are customizable. Your team can set up easy shortcuts to automate daily tasks.
  • Network connectivity and mobile printing solutions mean secure access for all of your team members.
  • High print speeds and professional-quality text and color delivers fast results in-house and on demand.
  • Paper and energy-saving features help keep costs down.

Multifunction Copiers

The trend for SMBs is to take full advantage of the all-in-one capabilities of multifunction copiers. With everything in one place, SMBs can help their team work smarter, implement digital workflows, and have access to a variety of time and money-saving features.

  • Document printing in crisp black and white or high-impact color
  • Accurate and clear copies
  • Document scanning capabilities to digitally route information to co-workers, clients and document management systems
  • Fax features to keep the lines of communication open with clients and business partners
  • Built-in emailing features to share information without the need for hard copies
  • Finishing features like folding, stapling, collating, hole-punching, saddle-stitching to create reports, manuals, booklets and more in-house

Leasing printers for SMBs has never been easier. To find out more about the latest technologies, get in touch with us at PrintRX today!


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