Lower Costs and Save Time with Managed Document Services

How does your company cope with the thousands of documents that enter your workflows each week? If you’ve been in business for more than a few years, you know how easy it is to lose track of information or get behind in the filing process.

Old processes and storage methods are quickly becoming archaic and irrelevant in a digital age. Managed document services provide comprehensive strategies to help your company transition from paper-based office processes to digital solutions.

What are Managed Document Services?

Managed document services include a suite of digital solutions for capturing, routing, editing, securing, and storing your company’s documents. The extensive benefits of managed document services over traditional paper-centric processes are why modern businesses are making the switch. Here are just two advantages your company stands to gain.

1. Lower Operating Costs

Paper documents demand storage space. Take a quick stroll through your offices, taking note of the filing cabinets, binders, shelving units, and storage rooms. From the equipment and supplies required to generate documents to storage solutions, paper processes are driving up your operating costs. Now imagine your offices without those paper processes—did you suddenly see more office space and lower costs? Scanning information to a document management system requires very little office space and eliminates most of the costs of paper storage.

2. More Time to Run Your Business

Paper demands more than storage space; it demands time. Anyone who has spent time working with a paper-based system knows that just searching for a document can take hours. In some cases, missing documents are never located and must be recreated to the best of your ability. An electronic document management solution puts information in your hands in a matter of seconds, improving productivity and saving time across your organization.

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