Why Switch to Enterprise Content Management?

Is your organization still dependent on manual document processes? With more and more companies converting to digital solutions like enterprise content management, isn’t it time to find out why?


Nearly half of all documents now arrive at your location in digital form. Without an enterprise content management solution, employees may have no alternative but to convert digital documents to hard copies—a waste of both time and money. An enterprise content management solution captures information from incoming and scanned documents, making documents available to staff the moment they arrive at your location.


Manual data entry can be a source of inaccuracies and missing information. Enterprise content management solutions automatically extract and store data in a predetermined centralized location. Staff members have immediate access and can view, edit, and secure data from any location at any time.


Locating stored documents is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses with files stored on traditional systems. Knowledge workers can spend a third or more of their workday just searching for information, and complicated digital file storage solutions are not much better than paper-based systems. Enterprise content management allows users to use keyword search solutions and instantly locate required files and documents. Customer names, addresses, invoice numbers, barcode numbers or project names work equally well to retrieve stored files in seconds.


Routing documents using paper-based processes involves printing, copying, and distributing information through internal or external mailing systems. Enterprise content management eliminates the time and expense associated with antiquated paper systems. Documents can be distributed immediately, and email notifications alert users when a document is ready for action.

Are you ready to try an enterprise content management solution? Contact us at PrintRX to learn more about our document management and other solutions today.


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