Enterprise Content Management—A Better Solution for Schools

Digital learning is definitely on the upswing, and education districts who take full advantage of technology may find themselves in possession of some real time and money-saving benefits. Here’s how Enterprise Content Management, or ECM, can make a difference in your district.

Lower Costs

Fewer resources and larger class sizes don’t make it any easier to stay within the budget constraints most school districts face today. While the initial investment for the right equipment and software may be considerable, the payoff over time can be substantial. Enterprise Content Management has the potential to help both administrative and teaching staff lessen the financial burden on their district.

  • High print volumes used to be a given in the education sector, but Enterprise Content Management allows for digital solutions in place of hard copies.
  • Storage solutions for paper-based management of educational records have never been inexpensive. Storing digital records through Enterprise Content Management requires virtually no physical storage space.
  • Paperless solutions require far fewer hours of labor to create, store, distribute and retrieve than hard copy documents.

Improved Access to Content

Accessing files using Enterprise Content Management is a streamlined process that takes just a few seconds.

  • Instructors can access student work from any location with secure internet access.
  • Sharing training materials, employee files, and administrative records is much easier and less expensive when using a digital solution.
  • Administrators and instructors can collaborate on critical files without being physically present in the same place.

Better Document Security

If your district isn’t concerned about document security, then you’ve either addressed the issue or are unaware of the risks. Enterprise Content Management eliminates the vulnerabilities caused by paper record keeping, giving schools the tools they need to meet privacy mandates.

Is your school district ready for a leaner, more secure way to manage information? Contact us at PrintRX to learn more about Enterprise Content Management today.


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