Clinically Proven to Improve Document Workflow

With a Document Technology Optimization Review (DocTOR for short) from PrintRX, our experts will diagnose, prescribe, secure, and manage your print environment, helping you manage documents through their entire lifecycle, all while recovering costs.

PrintRX now offers more office technology solutions to optimize your business and still deliver the same great SERVICE THAT CAN'T BE COPIED.



Enterprise Content Management (ECM), offered through our partnership with  Lanier  , can help make sense of the seemingly endless flow of information circulating around your company. Wherever the location, whatever the format, ECM will streamline the consolidation and organization of your information in a way that increases efficiency for you and your team – improving collaboration results, increasing information security, and reducing operating costs.


Today’s businesses cannot excel without the systems and processes in place to best manage their information. By studying the methods with which your business approaches the three fundamentals of document management, we can help you to streamline your document processes and to harness the power of your information.


With all of the variables that your business battles on a daily basis – from people, to technology, to processes, etc. – things can get out of hand quickly. Perhaps an employee can’t view a critical document on a mobile device, and time is of the essence; or you have paper records stored in several different locations, and you’re worried about the potential security and liability risks accompanying that.  Our solutions can help alleviate these issues.


We don’t offer just one solution or try to make a square peg fit in a round hole. We offer a wide assortment of products and services and tailor solutions to meet the needs of various industries.

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